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Missionary Aviation (Based in North Carolina)

I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, but knew that I was lost and without Christ. I also knew that Baptists carried their Bibles to church, so I started attending Grace Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC. It wasn't long before I had a clear understanding of the Gospel. I placed my faith in the finish work of Jesus Christ July 31, 1985 at a Wednesday evening prayer meeting.

My parents were both saved when I was young through the bus ministry of Grace Baptist in Wilmington, NC. We were active in the church so I heard the Gospel many times. I prayed many times as a young person, and even as an adult to be saved. It wasn’t until I was married and had been a missionary with my husband for 10 years that the Holy Spirit showed me it wasn’t “a prayer” that saves a soul, it is fully trusting, by faith, in the finished work of Jesus Christ that saves the lost sinner. That day, for me, came in January 2010.

After marrying in August 1986, we served the Lord at Grace Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC. We were asked to take some kids to the Wilds, a Christian camp in North Carolina. During that week, the Lord used the preaching of Tom Farrel and our family devotions to call us into the ministry.

Ministry Highlights
Earl graduated from Bob Jones University's Missionary Aviation program and earned an A.S. & B.S. degree. He is a commercial/multi-engine pilot with an instrument rating, and has an airframe & powerplant license, as well as his Inspectors Authorization. Throughout schooling, we did summer missionary work for 4 to 10 weeks in remote areas of the far north. It was during these trips that God confirmed His calling in our lives to serve Him in remote areas of the north. Earl resigned his management position at a turbine engine repair/overhaul facility and raised our monthly support.

We arrived in Alaska in 2001 with a goal to promote a high view of God in our village and aviation ministries. The Lord has blessed us in many ways and used us greatly. We assumed we would live out our lives in Alaska, however, in 2016 God tested our faith in Him again. After a steady decline in missionaries in Alaska, and struggles with Lynn & Earl’s health, our Lord directed us to expand the ministry down to North Carolina to help prepare others be missionary pilots/mechanics. It was hard to leave AK and took much more faith to leave, than it would have to stayed there. But God clearly lead us to NC. Earl performs maintenance, inspections, rebuilds ministry aircraft for several ministries, is available for consulting, field surveys, and practical tactical flight training. These are simply tools to bring glory to our God, lead the lost to Christ, and assist others to do the same.