Missionary Air Care 
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Chris's Testimony:
I grew up in a split home, having only attended church during the first 7 years of my life.  When I was 13 years old, a friend of mine invited me to attend his church's Wednesday night Youth Group.  I enjoyed that group of young people, but I cannot remember ever hearing the Gospel of Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ.  At the age of 17, I began attending my first Independent Baptist Church, where I heard the first clear presentation of the Gospel.  After some time spent with a Missionary, Bro Kory Mears, back on furlough from Fiji, I prayed a prayer and yet had no understanding of what I was doing.  For the next 6 years, I lived a life that was outwardly "right" and yet it took a Bible College teacher speaking on the Passover from Exodus 12 for me to realize that, although I "lived right", I was still lost and hell bound because I had never applied the blood of Christ to my life.  I approached the teacher, Pastor Rob Watkins, after class that night and reviewed the Bible regarding salvation with him. I then bowed my knee, understanding what Christ had done for me, and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.
Rachael's Testimony:
Having grown up in a Christian home, I was told that I had made a profession of faith when I was four.  While sitting in a Children's Church class one Sunday morning, I realized that I needed to be saved.  During the invitation time, I went to the back of class and spoke to Mrs. Jeanette Gordon about Salvation.  She took the bible and carefully showed me how, at 8 years old, I could be saved.  I then bowed my head and prayed to receive Christ as my Savior.  At the age of 16 years old, I began to doubt my salvation and needed reassurance of the decision I made years before.  I spent time talking with my mom about my salvation decision, we took time to pray and seek assurance from the Lord, and I rededicated my life to the Lord at the same time.
We met at Calvary Baptist Church in Yucca Valley, California in July of 1998.  After a year of Courting, I gathered the courage to ask Rachael's parents if I could marry their daughter.  Praise the Lord they agreed and we were married in July of 2000.  After returning from an overseas tour in the Marine Corps in 2001, my wife and I surrendered our lives to Full-time Christian Service.  Little did we know, at the time, that God would desire for us to remain in the Military for another 16 years and serve Him wherever we were.  Having served in nearly every capacity within the local Church, we surrendered to the call of Missions in 2011.  The journey in service to our Lord since then has been one of wonder and amazement as we watched God marvelously orchestrate different aspects of our lives to bring us to the place we are now.
Our Calling:
As a Missionary Family, it is our desire to help further the Spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Missionary Aviation.  The Ministry is Mission Air Care (MAC), which began with a single family (The Malpass Family) in 2001 in the state of Alaska.  After 15 years of "promoting a high view of God in the villages and towns" through Church Planting and Mission Aviation, God moved on the hearts of the Malpass family to relocated MAC to North Carolina and expand the ministry to include North, Central, and South America and the surrounding island nations.  Through Mission Aviation, we will be a lifeline of support to those who are isolated from the outside world, witnessing and sharing the Gospel with those who've never heard.  Without aviation to provide that essential conduit, many missionaries feel alone and forgotten.  With the gracious endorsement, prayer and administrative support of Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples, we endeavor to continue promoting a high view of God through aviation ministries.